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Comer Industries is the world first supplier of CNH to achieve the Bronze Level in World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

WCM team at Comer Industries

The run-up began five years ago, in the midst of the world economic crisis. In 2012 Comer Industries decided to adopt World Class Manufacturing: this is a production standard now widely adopted on a global scale by companies that aim to achieve excellence and to increase their manufacturing capacity and competitiveness.

Structured on 20 "pillars", of which 10 technical and 10 managerial, WCM addresses all kinds of production-related issues: from logistics to safety, from maintenance to quality, from environmental impact management to organization. The ultimate goal is to reduce waste, breakdowns, accidents and improve overall company efficiency.

WCM has become a key word in recent years in many areas: automotive, construction, building, transportation, food. And, of course, even in agriculture.

Comer Industries has decided to pursue the complex and challenging path to introduce this standard in its plants.

"It was a cultural choice before becoming an operational approach - CEO Matteo Storchi said -: excellence has become our primary focus. We do not want to make something good or very good. We want to bring excellent products to the market. For us at Comer Industries this is not simply a goal. It is a new starting point that is part of our growth path, which aims to consolidate our global leadership. "