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Comer Industries received the 2017 The Procurement Award

The Procurement Award 2017

Wednesday, April 5th Comer Industries received "The Procurement Award 2017" in the category "Development of skills in Purchasing". The award, in its second edition, was given by a jury of CPO (Chief Procurement Officer) of prestigious Italian companies and reputable consultants from companies and training schools specialized in Procurement.

Stefano Rizzo, Global Sourcing Director, and Andrea Tagliafierro, Global Sourcing Integration Manager, received the award for Comer Industries for the development of an "Integrated Project aimed at enhancing the internal knowledge sharing competencies".

Stefano Rizzo, interviewed by “The Procurement” magazine, said: "the motivation underlying Comer Industries application for this award is the strong belief that in such a strategic role, as Purchasing, for the company, which covers 80% of cost of goods sold, increasing and maintaining the highest level of expertise is the critical success factor. The work recently done has enhanced our experience and brought new tools and new knowledge, with a solid approach to knowledge sharing in the Purchasing team around the world and to stakeholders, an approach that has convinced the jury to reward our company”.