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Who we are

Together is the future we’re building. Now.

Comer Industries and its brand portfolio – Comer Industries, e-comer, Walterscheid®, Walterscheid Services, Mechanics® Driveshafts, Rockford Clutch® – ensure expertise, innovative solutions, and customer-oriented services worldwide.
With e-comer, the new electric vehicle motor and transmission green division, Comer Industries intends to focus its growth and innovation path in the electrification sector by enriching the range of products offered to the market.
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Comer Industries' people are concerned for each other respect and dignity; they ensure, at all levels, the expression of delegation and the fair recognition of results, as well as individual and team credits.
Comer Industries' people work as a team to achieve collective results and to promote an inclusive approach to all company's entities.
Commitment to Stakeholders
Comer Industries' people work with stakeholders in terms of integration and synergy, simplification and efficiency, flexibility and prompt orientation towards change.
Courage and Passion
Comer Industries' people expose themselves with generosity, express and disseminate energy and enthusiasm, encouraging the building of an engaging atmosphere that conveys passion to younger colleagues. They show proactivity, and are committed more than expected.
Honesty and Transparency
Comer Industries' people communicate and operate transparently to allow all internal and external stakeholders to make conscious choices and to build relationships based on trust and credit.
Our purpose
To change people’s lives making easier the global access to sustainable food, streets, houses and energy developing engineering solutions with an unconventional approach.

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