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Comer Industries' acquisition of Walterscheid Powertrain Group officially announced: “Great things are going to happen… Together we’ll be more than Unconventional”


At Comer Industries we define ourselves as "Unconventional Makers" as a proof to the commitment we have to sustain everyday people, company, planet with sustainability approach.

From today we will be even more Unconventional.

Together we will be stronger and able to provide our customers with increasingly comprehensive and worldwide services, acting in accordance with the values that identify us.

The values that we have in common and the differences that bring us here will be our strength in facing future challenges that will see us together, strong and competitive.

In order to communicate our combination, we have graphically aligned our logos: a restyling that accentuates the aspects that Comer Industries and Walterscheid Powertrain Group have in common, while maintaining the identity of both companies. The WALTERSCHEID POWERTRAIN GROUP logo now features the same font and colors as the Comer Industries logo.

An Unconventional union that will lead us to new and exciting challenges to be taken and ambitious goals to be achieved.

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