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Shareholders’ meeting approves 2023 financial statements and named new Board of Directors. Matteo Storchi confirmed as Chairman of the BoD and CEO.


Today, Comer Industries’ Shareholders’ Meeting approved the financial statements for 2023 and named Matteo Storchi as President and CEO.

The Group has maintained its market position by further strengthening itself and confirming the validity of a strategic industrial vision that has proved effective in a complex context such as the current one.

Looking ahead, our Group will keep its guard up and remain vigilant and strong in the face of the current macroeconomic scenario. We will continue to invest in people and technology, maintaining the solid foundations we have built over the years.

We remain confident: we will meet future challenges and continue to achieve new goals.

Please, read Chairman Matteo Storchi’s letter to all stakeholders below or within the Annual Report here

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