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The Mechanical Design Workshop starts at the University of Parma


Today sees the start of the “Mechanical Design Workshop”, now in its sixth edition and aimed at students on the master’s degree course in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Parma.
Aspiring engineers will take part in a cycle of 4 sessions as part of the “Integrated Design and Virtual Development of Mechanical Products” course held by Prof. Fabrizio Moroni.


During the workshop, the students will learn theoretical and practical technical concepts for the design of a mechanical transmission in the agricultural field, under the guidance of lecturers and professionals in Comer Industries Gianni Tenca, Product Line Engineering Manager, Andrea Saletti, Product Line Engineering Manager, Antonio Rubino, Engineering Supervisor e Giuseppe Boni, Consulting Engineer.

The ‘Mechanical Design Workshop’ aims to further enrich the academic career of future engineers, and as a company we are proud to bring our know-how to the university.

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