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COVID19 - Comer Industries S.P.A: confirmed the operational continuity


Following the actions undertook by the Italian Government that introduce more preventative measures for the areas most effected by the COVID-19, Comer Industries took steps to adopt all the possible healthcare precautions, applying all the recommendations of the national and European health authorities, to allow its employees to conduct the working activity in the best possible conditions in the headquarter and in the plants of Reggiolo, Cavriago and Pegognaga.

Considering all above mentioned, Comer Industries confirms its operational continuity, specifying that this is obviously subject to the continuity of its suppliers with whom the company is in constant contact.

Comer Industries is in contact also with the Authority and is ready to further adapt its security measures according to the evolving situation, aware that the safeguard of the health and wellbeing of its employees is the first priority.

All Comer Industries operations in Italy and in the world are fully operative, also in China.

The 2020 Financial calendar, already communicated, is currently confirmed.

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